Books are the first keys to knowledge and sharing books is a way to share our success with the society. 

INSPiRE Library Community has more than 20,000 members including students, lecturers and researchers, who have great demand for knowledge. Thus, we've been building up library collections to support their intellectual growth.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank said. It's absolutely right, especially as we share knowledge, and book donations play an important role to make knowledge widely accessible.

On behalf of Ton Duc Thang University INSPiRE Library, we'd like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to those kind and generous friends for their book donation. Those wonderful additions to our collections will serve as a great tool for the library community and we're so pleased to have such treasures placed in INSPiRE Library. 

Once again, thank you for graciously donating books to INSPiRE Library!