Training session: How to exploit the Web of Science effectively

On the morning of 05th April 2018 Ton Duc Thang University Library cooperated with Clarivate Analytics Company to hold a training session on "How to exploit the Web of Science effectively" with the participation of Dr. See Diu Seng and Ms. Claris Lew, solution consultant, Clarivate Analytics Southeast Asia, representatives of I-group, representatives of Ton Duc Thang University, students, lecturers and researchers. The training aims to improve the effectiveness of using the Web of Science's database which has been subscribed by the University. During the training, Clarivate Analytics's representatives provided ongoing guidance on how to best exploit the Web of Science Database as well as information about Company's support for research activities at Ton Duc Thang University.



Dr. See Diu Seng introduces the skill of how to use the Web of Science effectively


Informative details about the useful features and tools is represented by Clarivate Analytics


Faculties, researchers and other departments and institutions' representatives from Ton Duc Thang University

expressed interest and discussed a lot about how to exploit the Web of Science's database.


Representatives of Clarivate Analytics Company and attendants ended up the training session with a photo.