Workshop: Inspiring and motivating factors

The workshop "Inspiring and motivating factors" was held with the presence of speaker Mr. Le Van Hien and more than 30 students attended on 20th April, 2018. 

Attendees are guided to clarify ways to exploit soft skills which are so essential but not popular among youngsters: inspiring and motivating people around and motivate themselves to reach the ultimate goal in learning, work and life.

Mr. Hien revealed his great methods and experiences during the workshop to help the students master how to utilize their ability, promote their own strengths, set goals and make plans, build stern mind, face the difficulties and pressures as well as grasp the 3 important aspects of success or the 7 must-have elements of an "inspirer". 


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More than 30 students attended this workshop

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Activities are crucial parts of the event to encourage attendees in revealing themselves and analyze their own strengths

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Soft skills course vouchers from Mr. Le Van Hien for lucky attendees

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Mr. Le Van Hien and attendees