Yellow flowers on the green grass | Nguyen Nhat Anh

In  "Yellow flowers on the green grass", I can see an surprise but romantic world, where the simplicity makes you feel completely at easy. The story of it is a mixture of various little stories, and we see ourselves through them, just like the first love letter of Thieu, so naive and silly.

There is something in "Yellow flowers on the green grass" no longer clear, pure as a world of childhood. The little book is still soulful, witty, but sadly depressed, about a sick father who fled from home because he did not want to upset his wife and children, about another father pretending to be king because of his secret child. He always thinks of himself as a princess, ... Moral lessons on humanity will be learnt with regret.

"Yellow flowers on the green grass" is a book that easily carves on your mind but it's way difficult to forget it. 

"Yellow flowers on the green grass", the latest book of Nguyen Nhat Anh, who awarded the ASEAN Literature Prize - has been licensed by the Youth Publishing House and introduced to readers nationwide.