Ahimsa Vegetarian For Peace Of Mind | Many Authors

Ahimsa (अहिंसा) is the Sanskrit term for non-violence or non-harming. This way of being embraces the concept of not harming ourselves, our bodies, the earth we live on or the animals, both wild and domesticated. Shifting to or keeping a vegetarian or vegan diet to help create a healthier body and a more peaceful mind can be a simple process. Just as we brush our teeth and shower to keep our body clean, often without much thought, so we can eat foods that keep us clean and nourish us on the inside as well, all while not harming ourselves, the environment or animals in the process. 


Title Ahimsa - Vegetarian For Peace Of Mind
Author Multiple Authors
Publisher Phương Đông Publishing House
Publication Year 2016
Print Length 127 pages
Location Vietnamese Collection - 3th Floor - HCMC Campus