New Arrivals

In this book, Dr. David Kuhl addresses end-of-life realities--practical and emotional--through his own experiences as a doctor and through the words and experiences of people who knew that they were dying. 

The book is about the adventures of a cricket who leaves his nest and travels to different places. He grows up and learns by overcoming difficult situations with the help of many different people and animals.

My Palpitating Life is a touching story of a 17-year-old boy with progeria, a disease that cause rapid aging; he prepares to bid farewell to his thirty-something parents, who had him when they were teenagers.

It was the time you locked yourself in such an empty glass box then trying to scream loudly to ask for help from outside. Why are we so absurd just like a child even though we're grown-ups.

In "Du hoc My", Van Anh - Minh Duc, the authors, shared all of their experiences to help us make wise decisions for the future academic life abroad.