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Have you ever stopped to consider exactly what happiness means? What, exactly, is this happiness you are wishing for? It matters because it’s hard for your wishes for happiness to come true if you aren’t clear about exactly what happiness is.

The book shows us the path to financial freedom and let us learn simple lessons in financial wisdom through business and finance management manners of ancient Babylonian traders.

Happiness is the key towards leading a happy life. Happiness has no common definition and meaning that is accepted by all.

The book is about the values of the unconventional education that Kuroyanagi received at Tomoe Gakuen, a Tokyo elementary school founded by educator Sosaku Kobayashi during World War II, and it is considered her childhood memoir.

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning, mega-bestselling author who wore his celebrity with extraordinary grace comes a magnificently appealing book about teaching and about how one great storyteller found his voice.