New Arrivals

"No matter who you are, what you do, just find the love and happiness in your job, you will shine." - A simple yet impressive message of the book "The Soul Cleaner" by Hiroshi Kamata.

Regardless of outer appearance, if people have minds that are fascinating, creative, and exciting—if they are good thinkers—they can be beautiful.

In this book, Tuan Quynh will show you his life-time experiences he's been gaining, the failures that he's suffered, his precious lessons, beautiful countries that he's visited, and so on.

Beginning with defining the difference between Smart Thinking and innate or raw intelligence, cognitive psychologist Art Markman demonstrates how it is possible to learn Smart Thinking that you can apply to the real world.

In "Yellow flowers on the green grass", I can see a surprise but romantic world, where the simplicity makes you feel completely at easy. The story of it is a mixture of various little stories, and we see ourselves through them.