Why should we attend the orientation?

Our services and facilities in INSPiRE Library are new to the campus users. Users will be equipped with necessary skills of how to use such services and facilities, especially self-service machines which allow students to borrow and return items themselves. There are also some critical information provided to help users to deal with any problems that they may face up to as using the library. 

How to register for the Orientation?

Users are required to register for the Orientation online via the following form:


Please contact to your faculty/department for more information.

Users may also visit our website for any changes would be made.

When does the Orientation start and how long does it take? 

The orientation takes about 2 hours and start at 08:00 A.M and 02:00 P.M everyday except for Sunday. Users are required to fill out the online form for the orientation. 

What sort of things will we have in the Orientation?

The Orientation includes following parts:

- Learn how to user Library Website and Searching Engine (Primo);

- Study how to use available spaces and facilities;

- Take a mini test.

Users are required to pass the test to get their library card/ account activated.