Group Study Area

  • This area features varied amenities for consulting information and practice graphic software.
  • Space sizes vary to accommodate 2 to 5 people, including 04 five-seat PCs, 04 four-seat PCs, and 16 two-seat PCs.


Location Quantity Time limit Priority purpose Time Extension Software & Equipment Status

Tng 5

Group Study Area:
-04 five-seat PCs
-04 four-seat PCs
-16 two-seat PCs

120mins /session

Consult internal and external resources.
Practice software

Granted if there’s no user waiting





  • 5.000 VND/hour

Using computers

  • Step 1: Find a computer that suits your needs.
  • Step 2: Check computer status (available or not)
  • Step 3: Log in the computer
  • Step 4: Log out when finish using computer.