1. Rights

Users are entitled to:
•    Have their library account activated pursuant to Clause C, Article 1, INSPiRE Library Regulations;
•    Use library information resources, services and facilities;
•    Attend library events, programs;
•    Give feedback to improve library services.

2. Responsibilities 

Users are expected to:
•    Comply with library regulations when using library resources, services and facilities;
•    Leave belongings in appropriate places and be responsible for their own properties; 
•    Behave in the appropriate manner, observe silence, answer phone calls in phone rooms in order to respect the others, and be in appropriate attire;
•    Put rubbish in bins and keep surroundings clean; arrange tables and chairs neatly after use;
•    Not damage equipment, facility, and others provided by the Library;
•    Talk or discuss in appropriate spaces (Group Study Rooms, Presentation Practice Rooms, Video Rooms, etc.);
•    Reported immediately to the Library in case of loss of library membership cards or library account.

3. Prohibitions 

Users are not allowed to:
•    Remove non-circulating materials from the library building without approval;
•    Remove circulating materials from the library building without successfully checking out;
•    Hand out library cards or accounts to the others;
•    Return library items late more than 03 times per year;
•    Abandon seat reservation more than 02 times per year without reasonable explanations;
•    Bring food and drinks into library or put feet on furniture;
•    Act in an inappropriate manner, talk loudly, make noise, and sleep in the library;
•    Misuse facilities and others provided by INSPiRE Library (write or draw on library books; make copies of library items without permission, etc.);
•    Meddle with library equipment without permission;
•    Breach library’s current policy and guidelines;
•    Cause offence by verbalizing erroneous information towards the University, Library or user community;  
•    Bring flammable, explosive materials into the library or smoke in the building;
•    Install software on library computers without permission;
•    Access blocked websites which their contents may endanger the national security or engage in any activity that may cause damage to the library  system. 

(INSPiRE Library Regulations No. 1296/2017/TDT-NQ of July 26th, 2017)