Research Support

o Citation Styles

Universities, journals, conferences and others may require different styles of their published materials, which format the information differently. Citation Styles Service was designed to provide researchers with assistance in citing sources when writing an academic paper (journals, conference proceedings, etc.)

For a proper assistance, users are required to submit us a catalog of reference materials relating to their research topics in terms of title, author, year of publication, publisher, pages (or page numbers for excerpts from newspapers/journals), journal titles and journal volumes/issue numbers (for scientific articles only).

o Providing a list of materials for research

This service offers users information of a large range of materials relating to their science research topics or provided key words.

The accuracy of results depends on how exact/detailed the information users provide is, or research scope, research object, new record (publication time), language, resource type, etc.

o Providing full-text of materials for research

The service enables researchers to access full-text materials (both print and electronic) which listed on their research material catalog.

o Bibliometrics

The service provides scientific indicators of journals or articles; provides the information for evaluation of academic quality of certain author based on research publications as well as bibliometrics tools.

o Journal Finder

The service provides suggestions to help researchers find the ideal place to publish their scientific work; suggests high-quality journals that match research topic to submit manuscripts. The researcher will obtain comparative information through the scientific measurement indicators of the suggested Journals.

o Language Support

   + Translation Eng - Viet

   + Translation Viet - Anh

   + English proofreading ( by native people)

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o Research Tools: 

Research tools help researchers evaluate, complete and increase the quality of their research works

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o Providing a guide to search and use Library’s databases and tools for research

INSPiRE Library offers a number of research solutions like Primo, Metalib and other tools to support research activities. Through our guides, users can master how to make the most of them and benefit from those effective solutions.

We also equip users with tips how to build up strategic searching skills and use searching engine efficiently.