Blind Spot | Ma Ling

In this book, Max Bazerman and Ann Tenbrunsel, the top experts in the field of business ethics have studied how we overestimate our ability to do what we think is right and we how to behave unreasonably without intention. By analyzing current and past scandals - including financial market failures, Enron collapse, Ford Pinto failures, and the Challenger spacecraft disaster - The author investigates the nature of ethical control scandals in the business world and others, Ma Ling also reveals the reasons why traditional ethical approaches do not work. The authors point out that scandals will continue to occur unless these approaches consider individual psychological issues when people are facing difficult moral situations.

The Blind Spot is intended to alert you to blind spots in morality so that you can be aware of the difference between the person you want to become and the person you truly are. In addition, by removing the organizational and social blindness, you can narrow the gap between the type you really belong to and the mindset in your ideal. These things will help us all narrow the gap between a society we want to live in and the society in which we find ourselves. Thanks to the development of the concept of behavioral ethics - a new concept that determines how and why people behave in the face of dilemmas, we will help you find out blind spots in morality and suggest ways to eliminate them.