Library Orientation & Library Tour

This course is compulsory for new users to be eligible users with full access to our library services.
Users are required to pass an online test to be eligible for using library.

Orientation Contents

  • Take a brief look of INSPiRE Library through an 3D Tour;

  • Introduce library policies and regulations;

  • Learn about our available services and resources;

  • Learn how to exploit library website;

  • Search and exploit information resources on Primo Central Index;

  • Learn how to use our available facilities;

  • Take a preliminary test;

  • Take a tour throughout the library building.

There are TWO kinds of orientation available for library users: 

1. Online Orientation

a. Online Orientation for Lecturers - Staff - Postgraduates

    Orientation Video (5 videos)

* Notice: Please watch 5 videos carefully and send an email to to ask for an sample account before doing the orientation test.

b. Online Orientation for Undergraduates

    Orientation Videos

    Mini test for undergraduates: Please contact us via email

c. Online Orientation for Alumni

    Click HERE to register!

2. In-person Orientation

  • Vietnamese Orientation: Available at 02:00 PM every Friday.
  • English Orientation: Available at 09:00 AM every Friday.
  • Click HERE to register!


Video guides to INSPiRE Library: