Where is the Locker Area?

The Locker Area is located in the Basement 01.

Where is the Moonlighting Area? What are the opening hours? How to reserve a seat?

- Moonlighting Area is located in the Basement 01.

- Working hours: 19:30 – 07:30 (on request only)

- To reserve a seat, please go to Reserve A Room to make a reservation.

My library card was lost/stolen. What should I do to apply for a new one?

To apply for a library card, please contact at:

  • Undergraduate Students:

Department of Student Affairs,
Room A0003, Tan Phong Campus;
Tel: 083.7755.054; Email: phongctct-hssv@tdtu.edu.vn

  • Postgraduate Students:

Department of Graduate Studies (DEGRAS),
Room A0305, Tan Phong Campus;
Tel: 083.7755. 059; Email: tssdh@tdtu.edu.vn

  • Lecturers and Staff:

INSPiRE Library, Building G, Tan Phong Campus;
Tel: (028) 37 755 057; Email: library@tdtu.edu.vn

I don’t have a library account. Where should I contact to create an account?

To request an account, please contact at:

  • Undergraduate Students:

Student Services Office,
Room E0001, Tan Phong Campus;
Tel: 08.22477.215; Email: tuvanhocduong@tdtu.edu.vn

  • Lecturers and Staff:

Department of Computing and Computer Services,
Room A0404; Tan Phong Campus;
Tel: 083.7755.056; Email: phongdientoan@tdtu.edu.vn

Where are Self-check Station and Return Station located?

Self-check Station is on the 1st Floor.

Return Station is on the Ground Floor.

I lost my stuff in the library, where should I go to find it?

There is a designated Lost & Found cabinet at Basement 01.

To find your lost assets, please contact our staff at Help Desk Basement 1 for assistance. 

Where can I find the language learning materials with their audio CDs or movie DVDs?

Language learning materials with their audio CDs or movie DVDs are located on the 2nd Floor.

I need to know the location of library functional spaces?

  • Individual Study Rooms: 08 rooms, 4th Floor
  • Group Study Rooms: 03 rooms, 2nd Floor
  • Group study areas: 08 clusters (3rd Floor); 24 clusters (5th Floor)
  • Presentation Practice Rooms: 09 rooms, 3rd Floor and 5th Floor
  • Video Rooms: 02 rooms, 2nd Floor
  • Creative Media Zone: 5th Floor
  • Online Conference Room: 5th Floor
  • Moonlighting Area: Basement 01