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At 16:00 on November 28, 2020 at Library's basement, Book Club celebrated a warm, passionate 6th anniversary with Librarians, former head of club and current members.
The book fair 2020 is held by Inspire Library and FAHASA joint stock company from 09/11/2020 to 13/11/2020. 
The results are 8 First prizes, 16 Second prizes, 52 Third prizes, 180 Consolation prizes and some prizes for excellent competitions. Ton Duc Thang University had 2 students winning consolation prizes
On the morning of October 23, 2020, the event How to read english book effectively was held by INSPiRE Library and Creative Language Center (CLC). Speakers at the workshop are Ms. Maria Carmela Sultan who is from CLC.
On the occasion of the Vietnamese Women's Day, this event with the theme "Thank you mom for giving birth to me"

New Arrivals

A fable for all ages and a massive bestseller in the author’s home country of Vietnam, Ticket to Childhood captures the texture of childhood in all of its richness.

Born in 2000, the touching story of the sticklefish father and the baby boy that the father cherishes in the father of the stickleback has strong power, becomes one of the father's love stories loved by Koreans like most.

In his optimistic A World of Three Zeroes, Muhammad Yunus presents a case for reinventing mainstream economics to create a world with zero surplus, zero poverty and zero net carbon emissions.

This lyrical and inspiring book expands on a new idea, offering a way forward for all those feeling affected by the frenetic pace of our modern world.

The original title of this book is Leading the Starbucks way
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