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Announcement | 26/08/2022
Please be advised that the Library discovery system - Primo will be unable to access during the system upgrade in 04 days (August 27 to August 31, 2022). On September 1, the Library discovery system - Primo will resume to normal.
Announcement | 25/08/2022
INSPiRE Library will be closed from September 1 (Thursday) to the end of September 2 (Friday) in observance of the National Day 2022.
News | 09/08/2022
These visits aim to tighten the cooperation relationships between TDTU and educational institutions in Khanh Hoa Province as well as the Vietnam central region in general.
Announcement | 23/07/2022
INSPiRE Library will be closed from 3PM July 26 (Tuesday) to the end of July 31 (Sunday) for the TDTU Summer Camp 2022.
Events | 16/07/2022
DIDL 2022 is an academic forum to share ideas and experiene about the development trend of digital data sources in the context of library interoperability and appropriate application solutions related to building and developing intelligent digital libraries in Vietnam.

New Arrivals

Video | 25/09/2022
Instructions for Diagnosis and Treatment of Some Cancers is the first book in Vietnam to cover every topic, including cancer therapy for both adults and children, medical emergency for some common cancers, and nuclear medicine's use in treating cancer, among other topics.

Video | 25/09/2022
Unrelated stories, timelines, and characters come together in some way to create a complete and overall picture. In And the Mountains Echoed, Afghanistan represents a profound but painful dream. Every character there has the imprint of poverty, and war, which brings suffering and emptiness, ruins people's fates.

Video | 25/09/2022
Many people today simply know how to read, but they have no idea what they are reading or for what purpose. As a result, when we believe that reading doesn't add anything useful to our lives, it becomes boring.

Video | 25/09/2022
The textbook's content is divided into two sections: Part 1 covers fundamental information about the concept and characteristics of documents in general and those of law in particular, as well as classification techniques, writing style, and general editing skills.

Video | 25/09/2022
As the saying goes, "don't judge a book by its cover," the same rule applies when selecting a university. Even if attending a prestigious university with a stellar reputation will make your resume look impressive to recruiters, it probably won't have any impact on your career decisions once you graduate.
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