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News | 29/11/2023
The contest was organized by the INSPiRE Library to celebrate the Vietnam Teachers Day 2023 and aimed to foster a sense of thankfulness and appreciation among students for their teachers.
News | 14/11/2023
The university community gathered to witness the official launch of the Polish Book Corner Project and the award ceremony of the "Polish Literature: Read & Snap" Contest.
News | 01/11/2023
On the morning of October 30, 2023, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) renewal event took place in Bangkok, Thailand, involving INSPiRE Library at Ton Duc Thang University and the Central Library of Chulalongkorn University
News | 30/10/2023
The workshop, held at the inspiring Meeting Hall 10F, featured the specialist speaker, Ms. Carla Barley from the English Language Specilist Program, Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy in Hanoi.
News | 10/09/2023
To help our incoming freshmen make a smooth transition into university life and make the most of the resources at their disposal, TDTU Library hosted a series of activiries as part of "Welcome Freshmen" program.

New Arrivals

Video | 19/11/2023
This is an indispensable resource as it provides foundational knowledge for everyone, from those starting their research to high-level employees, financial management experts, and more. Regardless of your position, foundational economic knowledge plays a crucial role, acting as a launchpad to propel you towards broader horizons in the future.

Video | 19/11/2023
The book provides insights on becoming an outstanding manager in a short period. Equivalent to a complete course, it helps readers master various fundamental knowledge, from managing and motivating personnel to evaluating and enhancing job effectiveness.

Video | 19/11/2023
The book delves into practical life lessons, filled with inspiration and useful information, aiding readers in understanding the crucial attributes of a worthwhile opportunity for investment.

Video | 19/11/2023
When discussing infidelity, many people rise up to condemn those at fault and feel sorrow for those remaining in the relationship. Rarely do we calmly analyze the facets of infidelity-its origins, its source, and whether there's a way to salvage a marriage, a relationship hurtling toward the abyss.

Video | 19/11/2023
Perhaps because he was once trapped in the world of depression, Johann Hari provides authentic perspectives and shares genuine insights, bringing us closer to the world of the lost. The book "Lost Connections" is a spiritual remedy worthy of contemplation and reflection, offering a deeper understanding of the complexities of mental health.
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