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To grow community of book lovers and bring its members closer together, INSPiRE Library held the Book Review: The Odyssey by Homer with the participation of Prof. Helena Worthen, Prof. Joe T.Bery and 20 of Book Club members on October 27, 2017.
In recent times, many universities have been investing to build or reform their libraries into a decent and modern library in oder to meet the student need of quiet, well-furnished study spaces.
These are 5 universities that social media posers, who've been spending the rest of their life hunting for impeccable scenes for their real cool photos, can not miss.
Assume you were a student or visitor, let's visit Ton Duc Thang University Library - which has been publicly praised and admired recently to see a clear proof of interior's role in the creation of design.
On Friday, 20th October, INSPiRE BOOKSTORE will celebrate the grand opening on the 6th Floor, Building G, Tan Phong Campus.