Guest Reviews


"Ton Duc Thang University Library is real inspiring and intimate place for lecturers and students. Notably, this library fulfills most of user needs from reading physical books to searching e-resources..."  
Dr. Vu Dương Thuy Nga - Director General of Department of Libraries - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Vietnam)
Giáo sư Nguyễn Văn Tuấn
"Building a library, which would probably be the most state-of-the-art library in Vietnam and the region, is a real progress and this leaves me an immense impression. The library's design is not quite sophisticated and full of academic atmosphere. TDTU should proud of it and people should come to visit a real modern library..."  
Prof. Nguyen Van Tuan - New South Wales University, Australia


"..I've visited many university libraries. There is some designated space for studying I've encountered during those visits in Macau like yours video areas. Your library is so spacious and impressing spaces.."..."  
Mr. Clarence Toh - Sales Director (Asia) of McGraw Hill Education
Ms. Melissa Chan
"Personally, I graduated from the National University of Singapore and I spent a lot of time at the library. So I think the library plays a very important role and Ton Duc Thang University Library has made it ... "  
Ms. Melissa Chan - Regional Director (Singapore, Malaysia & Vietnam)
Mr. Patrick Leung
"Your library design and facilities make me very impressive. I am sure your library team has been providing professional library service to TDTU faculty members and students... "  
Mr. Patrick Leung - Patrick Leung Area Manager, APAC, IEEE
Libreny Riyusdha
"It's such a modern library and is able to play an important role in helping other libraries in Vietnam in their renovation work..."  
Ms. Libreny Riyusdha - Representative of the Library of Congress from Jakarta Office, Indonesia
Mr. Tan Thomson Reuters
"This's such a good library for learning and doing research. I’m so impressed with the building, the staff’s professionalism and the services provided here. They could help students to get a better job with successes after graduating."  
Mr. Keith Tan - Sales Director (ASIAN) from Thomson Reuters Legal Publishing
Mr. Andre
"...It’s not such a traditional library. Personally, I think this library is fantastic. I love the way it combines books and technologies together. I’m sure that it can attract many users to come and use the provided services and resources here..."  
Mr. Andre Laperriere - Executive Director - GODAN Global Open Data