1. The community of users of Inspire Library - Ton Duc Thang University (abbreviated as Library) are those who are working, graduated and are studying at Ton Duc Thang University (referred to as users );
  2. Individuals who are not from Ton Duc Thang University wishing to use the Library for research purposes have to get the introduction letter from the governing body and the agreement from the Presidential Board of Ton Duc Thang University;
  3. The Library functions are integrated into Lecturer Card, Staff Card, Undergraduate Student Card and Postgraduate Student Card; The Library Account is integrated into the TDTU System Account;
  4. To activate the Library Account, the users have to take part in the Library Orientation.


2.1. Library Resources Usage Regulations
  1. Library resources in this document are understood as Print, Digital and Online E-resources provided in the Library and on the Library Portal; 
  2. Users have the right to access and exploit the Library resources under the Library policies and guidelines for researching, teaching, learning, and healthy entertainment purposes;
  3. Print resources are provided through 02 policies: circulating materials and non-circulating materials;
  4. Users are responsible for returning materials to the Library on time, providing feedback on the quality of the materials so that the Library can take timely remedial measures;
  5. Users are responsible for preserving Library materials. Users have to compensate for losing, damaging the materials under the Library regulations;
  6. Digital and Online E-resources are only used in the University's intranet system; in other cases, the Presidential Board’s consent is required;
  7. Library resources are provided under the Intellectual Property Law and other relevant regulations.
2.2. Library Services And Library Equipment Usage Regulations
  1. Services and equipment have to be used correctly under the Library's procedures and guidelines;
  2. For fee-based services, users have to pay fees according to the Library's current fee schedule and payment policy;
  3. Library facilities (computers, wifi, televisions, ...) are used for learning, teaching, research and healthy entertainment purposes allowed by the Library;
  4. Be aware of preserving the Library's equipment and notify the Library staff in case of loss or damage for timely handling.
2.3. Users And The Library’s Rights And Responsibilities

2.3.1. Users Rights And Responsibilities

a. Rights

Users are entitled to:

  • Have their library account activated pursuant to Clause C Article 2, INSPiRE Library Regulations;
  • Use library information resources, services, and facilities;
  • Attend library events, programs;
  • Give feedback to improve library services.

b. Responsibilities

  • Comply with library policy, procedure, and guidelines when using library resources, services, and facilities;
  • Use library bags and change their shoes into library slippers prepared by the Library when entering and leave belongings (including back-bags, shoes) in the lockers and lock it by their locks and keys. Users take all responsibility for their personal properties;
  • Maintain order, keep silence, and safety in the Library. Be polite in communication, have phone calls in the phone rooms. Do not wear clothes that show skin (Ex: tank top, shorts,...); Pants/Skirts are required to be above your knees;
  • Put rubbish in bins and keep surroundings clean; Arrange tables and chairs neatly after use;
  • Preserve and protect equipment, facility, and others provided by the Library;
  • Talk or discuss in allowed areas (Group Study Rooms, Presentation Practice Rooms, Video Rooms, etc.).
  • In case of losing the library card or forgetting the library account, users have to notify the library.

2.3.2. The Library’s Rights And Responsibilities

a. Rights

Make a record of violations of the Library rules, regulations, procedures, and guidelines and propose the Department of Student Affairs, Department of inspection, legislation, and security for the handling according to the University's regulations.

b. Responsibilities

  • Provide quality and suitable resources and services to the users;
  • Constantly improve the quality in operations to better serve the users;
  • Provide resources, services correctly under the procedures and guidelines issued;
  • Comply with the regulations in the Library job description
  • Execute the rules of professional ethics and take responsibility for carrying on professional activities.


3.1. Prohibited Acts
  1. Take non-circulating materials from the library building without approval;
  2. Take circulating materials from the library building without successfully checking out;
  3. Give library cards or library accounts to the others;
  4. Return library items late more than 03 times per year;
  5. Reserve function areas but not using more than 02 times per year without a reasonable explanation;
  6. Bring food and drinks inside the library or put feet on furniture;
  7. Be impolite or discourteous, talk loudly, make noise, and sleep in the library;
  8. Misuse facilities and others provided by the Library (write or draw on library books; make copies of library items without permission, etc.);
  9. Move library equipment without permission;
  10. Violate the library’s current policy, regulations, and guidelines;
  11. Give indiscriminate speech harming the prestige of University, Library or the community of users;
  12. Bring flammable, explosive materials into the library or smoke in the library;
  13. Install any software on library computers without permission;
  14. Access to the website that contains prohibited content; transmit information that is harmful to national security or have acts of destroying the library network.
3.2. Handling Violations Of Regulations
  1. Block the library card and library account within 3 months for violating Clauses a, b, c, d, e, f and g Section 3.1 Article 3, INSPiRE Library Regulations;
  2. Block the library card and library account within 6 months for violating Clauses h, i, j, k, m and m Section 3.1 Article 3, INSPiRE Library Regulations;
  3. Violate Clause n Section 3.1 Article 3, INSPiRE Library Regulations, depending on the severity of the issue, the Library will transfer the case to the Department of Student affairs disciplining under the current Student affairs Regulations of the University.
  4. In case of Library's properties lost or damaged, users have to compensate according to the Library services current fee schedule and the properties value at the present time;
  5. In case of violating prohibited acts at the Library, apart from being handled according to Clauses a, b of this Section, the Library will transfer the case to the Department of Student affairs disciplining under the current Student affairs Regulations of the University.