Course Materials


Course Materials are a collection which is built through the syllabus and the lecturer's requests for every particular course. 

Course material print collection is located on the 4th Floor, which is categorized with a special searching system to support learners and learners during their courses.

How to use course materials

Step 1: Search for items on Course Materials Module, Library website.

Step 2: Consult item details (form and policy)

  • Print materials: locate and check item availability 
  • Digital/E-materials: check its loan policy

Step 3: Check out items (for print materials only)

Step 4: Using materials

Step 5: Return on time and in its original location (for print materials only).


Users who wish to use course materials must have privilege to use print materials and an activated account to read digital/e-materials. 

Users who are taking a particular course may have priority to use its own course materials.


Collection's digital/e-materials are for campus access only (intranet).

All other exceptions must be granted by person in charge.