New Arrivals

The book is an autobiography of a woman who goes to labor export in Saudi Arabia with the desire to change her life. It was only when she arrived in the Arab country that she realized she was deceived, had to work for large families, exploited to the point of labor.

Sometimes love has paradoxes that no one can explain: When someone drops it, we try to run after collecting debris to try to make a picture of happiness. But the more we collect the more we get hurt. "We gonna be fine" writing about uncompleted love stories.

In Four Seconds, Peter Bregman shows us how to replace negative patterns with energy boosting and productive behaviors. Allowing us to make intentional and tactical choices that lead to better outcomes

A collection of melting stories about teachers from around the world. These teachers have changed the lives of children who almost lost their lives and life goals, bringing the lives of children to a new page, brighter and happier.

Published in Indonesia in 2005, The Rainbow Troops, Andrea Hirata's closely autobiographical debut novel, sold more than five million copies, shattering records. Now it promises to captivate audiences around the globe.