Ton Duc Thang University INSPiRE Library is located on our main campus, 19 Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7 with 129 billion VND invested in. INSPiRE Library has an area of 8,678 square meters.

INSPiRE Library was designed and built according to the model of Learning Commons. The building has 7 stories and a basement for studying overnight. Each floor has its main decor color and name. The Library name is the combination of first letters of 7 floor names: Ground Floor – Indurance, 1st Floor - Nisus, 2nd Floor - Sagacity, 3th Floor - Progress, 4th Floor - Initiative, 5th Floor - Responsibility, and 6th Floor - Excellence

In INSPiRE Library, users are encouraged to communicate in English. Our available learning and researching environment can serve more than 3,000 users in total at a time:

  • Learning commons: 09 presentation practice rooms, 03 group study rooms, 02 video rooms, 01 online conference room, creative media zone and more.
  • Information services spaces: information desks, new book displays, computer areas, quick access, print stations, self-check station and more.
  • Social meeting areas: meeting points, coffee area, newspaper area, exhibition lounge and more.
  • Special services & collection area: TDTU Museum, TDTU Researchgate, Sample material collection and more.
  • Administration area.

INSPiRE Library is, especially, designed by TDTU faculties and students. Their design concepts, styles are up-to-date and impressive in Vietnam.  

TDTU INSPiRE Library is one of the most modern library in the country and meets world standards as using latest library management methods for operating management, exploiting management and development management, including ALEPH Solution with its outstanding features, course material management module and other applications such as Primo Central Index, SFX and Metalib from Ex Libris, which are already using in many top university libraries around the world like Harvard, Oxford, etc.

Moreover, automatic machines with RFID Technology are equipped in INSPiRE Library such as Sorter and Return machine, book shower, self-check machine, access control, multi-functional printers and others. All those are to promote self-studying, researching and optimize all library management activities with better results than the previous technology. 

INSPiRE Library’s resources comprise not only a large range of print-materials collections and Library’s repository but also millions academic materials including scientific works, e-journal, e-books and many other open access materials collected from both global publisher and Universities. INSPiRE Library offers users many services such as Worldshare Inter-library loan; information and reference; learning & teaching support; research & publishing support  to optimize user access to available resources.

Library plays a role as the heart of a university. Our mission is to inspire TDTU Community in learning and researching, unlock individual potential to build a liberal education full of traditional values, raise good citizens to contribute towards our society.