Library resources

Print resources

Print materials comprise vast collections of print publications such as books, theses and dissertations, research outcomes, journals, periodicals, maps, etc. for teaching, learning, researching purposes and entertainment as well. 

Digital resources

Digital materials include copyrighted materials owned by Ton Duc Thang University such as lectures, textbooks, theses and dissertations, researching outcomes and more.

Online E-resources

Electronic materials comprise both open-access and subscribed resources. INSPiRE Library is connected to the e-resources sharing network of many major universities and institutions at regional and international level.

Audio-Visual Resources

INSPiRE Library offers a full range of audio-visual materials which include graphics, print maps, CDs/DVDs and other multimedia forms.

Course materials

Course Materials are a collection which is built through the syllabus and the lecturer's requests for every particular course. 

TDTU Research Outcomes

TDTU Research Outcomes are a collection of research results in the form of scientific articles, books, conference proceedings, presentations, inventions, patents, etc.

Vietnam Economics Database

Vietnam Economics Database is the set of data on management, finance, and accounting, which is built by Ton Duc Thang University with the purpose to serve students, teachers and researchers.

Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources of TDTU are materials for teaching or learning that are either in the public domain or have been released under a license that allows them to be freely used, changed, or shared with others.