New Arrivals

"Among us, there are so many people have spent their whole life to find sincere love but they can not, because they have compromised with life before sincere love would appear"

The latest book of architect Luu Manh Hai after many years of living and developing his career at the place where he grew up, he wrote a superb book that summarized life in urban areas and developed cities.

Whimsically illustrated with Working Girl cartoons, this is a fun, accessible advice book that deals with the real issues that are on the minds of working women (and not just those who are striving for the corner office!).

Rando gives advice to those feeling lonely and uneasy about their future and urges them to make a miracle in their own lives. This book clears up the mental agony of youth because it is based on what he experienced himself, as the essays contain stories from his own past, and lessons that he learned.

My four years of studying abroad in America have been put in these pages, the records of the impact of culture from the first week, about the difference between the relations in Vietnam and the US, about the way of talking of local students, about what I was taught at school and what I have to learn by experience