New Arrivals

The book shows you how to practice to get the 8 soft skills needed in life. These are the skills that you must have in order to succeed

Life is a journey. On that journey, we cannot control everything that will happen, but we can choose our own path. Every turn in life has secrets. There, sometimes joy, hope and passion, sometimes sadness, depression and disappointment.

"Instead of being addicted to someone's dream, you should seek and be addicted to your own dream and you will truly feel you are the most happiest person in the world"

Jocko Willink had served as the US Marine Corps for 20 years, after his discharge, he became an author who inspire people about life, healthy lifestyle and discipline.

Whether your goal is to be an outstanding student or an outstanding athlete, start a business, earn millions of dollars or simply find direction and guidance to succeed , happy at the present and future, this is the book for you.