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The world of words seems to be so familiar but it turns out that it's as secret as human's body language. Everyone has the ability to use words, but not everyone uses it effectively in communication.

If you want to get the power of words, improve your communication skills and strengthen your relationships, then this book is for you. It shows you the universal methods of define people by their words, giving you all the verbal tool to touch people's souls, and giving warnings about negative impact caused by words.

Like a "multi-power book", you can find here tips for all communication problems. For example, what to say when you're ruled, how should you say to make empathy or how to prevent judgment ... The examples in this book are very familiar and especially illustrated by drawings.

And there's another great thing: when symbols are hidden in words, it suddenly becomes powerful. Because words can summon the deepest things, somehow cling to both emotion and awareness, then make people dumbfounded in the most fragile moments.

Every word bring a world of strange things, but if you understand, you don't need to be so skillful to speak it out, you can use it to go through relationships and suddenly get the whole world what we look forward to. When you understand that power of words, you are touching the vast realm of the soul, of emotion and awareness.

Those psychological-cognitive symbols have greater power when turned into a saying. I call the most powerful sayings in it: THE POWERFUL SPEECH.