The soul cleaner | Hiroshi Kamata

The Soul Cleaner is a book about real stories that have taken place in the Disneyland in Japan. Every story in this book is about life, dreams and work. Each page is like a door that brings you to the world of fairy tales with miracles; then as soon as you close the book and get back into your real world, you can find out what is the happiness in your work and daily life. The person who inspires Hiroshi Kamata to write this book is Chuck Boyajian, who is known as the "God of Clearance" of the Disneyland headquarter in the US. Hiroshi has helped the soul-seekers find happiness in their working life and spread the spirit of "God of Clearance" to all of his employees so they can feel such a spirit like what he does. The message of the book is simple but impressive "No matter who you are, what you do, just find the love and happiness in your job, you will shine."