Event "The secret of how to read english book effectively"

On the morning of November 25, 2019, the event The secret of how to read english book effectively was held by INSPiRE Library and Creative Language Center (CLC).

This reading workshop focuses on four main points: the benefits of self-study of English textbooks, how to master reading English textbooks skill. Speakers at the workshop are Ms. Maria Carmela Sultan and Ms. Phan Thi Hong Thao who are from CLC.

Self-study, especially reading English materials, is one of the essential skills of Ton Duc Thang University's students. Those skills are much more important because students must use English materials everyday. In this program, participants are equipped with the skills needed to effectively exploit the support tools and learning resources available at INSPiRE Library, exploring the potential of each individual for self-study in their life. Participants were instructed directly and practiced self-study methods, researching useful English writing materials to choose the most suitable method during the program.

Some photos:




  Ms. Carmela and Ms. Thao was introducing some useful models of effective reading ...




 Students were excited about this workshop




Working in group to practice what speakers shared