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News | 17/01/2024
Ton Duc Thang University INSPiRE Library has recently played host to an academic workshop on "Startup Ecosystem in India", which provided invaluable insights into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship in India and Vietnam.
News | 29/11/2023
The contest was organized by the INSPiRE Library to celebrate the Vietnam Teachers Day 2023 and aimed to foster a sense of thankfulness and appreciation among students for their teachers.
News | 14/11/2023
The university community gathered to witness the official launch of the Polish Book Corner Project and the award ceremony of the "Polish Literature: Read & Snap" Contest.
News | 01/11/2023
On the morning of October 30, 2023, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) renewal event took place in Bangkok, Thailand, involving INSPiRE Library at Ton Duc Thang University and the Central Library of Chulalongkorn University
News | 30/10/2023
The workshop, held at the inspiring Meeting Hall 10F, featured the specialist speaker, Ms. Carla Barley from the English Language Specilist Program, Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy in Hanoi.

New Arrivals

Video | 19/02/2024
Have you ever wondered what the secret to success for successful individuals consists of? Is there any difference between those who reach the pinnacle of life and ordinary people like us?

Video | 19/02/2024
This book is not only a guide on how to apply technology to marketing but also a call to build unique and impactful narratives to attract and retain customers in today's digital age.

Video | 19/02/2024
Children without umbrellas are a gift for those young people who have been and are struggling hard out there. Like words of encouragement, let's all keep moving forward; difficulties, yes, they are not important. What matters is that we know how to overcome difficulties.

Video | 19/01/2024
When it comes to the cruelty of war, perhaps everyone imagines a red picture. The battlefield is full of smoke and fire, blood flows like a river, corpses pile up, and bombs and bullets rain down.

Video | 02/01/2024
"Cultivating critical thinking in work" is a useful guidebook for all readers who have faced or are facing obstacles in their work, especially those ambitious individuals aiming for advancement in their current positions.
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