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Events | 06/01/2023
This visit aimed to provide the staff of the General Sciences Library with the ideas about space renovation and library activities to serve readers in their upcoming smart library project.
Events | 16/12/2022
At this book fair, Thaiha Books has brought many quality and diverse publications in various genres, attracting many readers to the book fair. This also provided an additional resource to meet the needs of readers.
News | 14/12/2022
Throughout the exam periods, the library atmosphere is full of enthusiasm and concentration as students study individually or work in groups at some certain quiet library spaces and rooms.
Events | 09/12/2022
The delegation of the Consulate General of Japan in Ho Chi Minh City led by Mr. Watanabe Nobuhiro- the Consul General visited and attended the Book Donation Ceremony of the Read Japan Project from Nippon Foundation at INSPiRE Library.
Events | 28/11/2022
HCMUE Library was working on the solutions to design new library space and interior that fully met the actual needs of library users at HCMUE and INSPiRE Library could bring up good ideas for the new library at HCMUE Library.

New Arrivals

Video | 19/01/2023
The true road to success lies in the quest of mastering many small tasks in order to be rewarded. Because crucial elements within a field are intimately tied to all the skills within that field.

Video | 19/01/2023
Based on Buddhist teachings, Chan's book The Wisdom of Forgiveness gently conveys His Holiness the Dalai Lama's perspectives on forgiveness through anecdotes rather than a step-by-step manual.

Video | 19/01/2023
The destruction of this planet's wild areas and biodiversity has been and is continuing to happen all around us, nearly unnoticed day by day. This decline has been observed by David Attenborough.

Video | 19/01/2023
Overall, this is a sweet and painful story of one girl’s quest to find herself and starting her life fresh. With so many important issues handled, Vicky Skinner has shown a story dealing with love and loss in its various forms. If you like reading contemporary with love, loss, drama and challenging relationships, then this book is for you.

Video | 19/01/2023
The objective of the book "Application of mind maps in learning" is to provide students with the most precise and in-depth instructions possible so that they can use them with ease in the classroom and exams.
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