Chạy đua với robot | Joseph E. Aoun

Hello teachers and students. Today, Inspire Library in association with Book Club would like to introduce a book named "Robot - Proof" by author Joseph E. Aoun.

In a bleak future, super-intelligent machines will be beyond human understanding and control. If computers can take control of many important systems, the consequences will be catastrophic. The mild consequence is that humans will lose control of their own destiny, and the severe consequence is that the machine will bring people to the brink of extinction.

The speed of robot improvement is measured in seconds, the dark future is looming ahead, so what should humans do? The answer is: learn and learn constantly. Learning is now a non-stop journey, with lots of places to visit but no stops. This ongoing journey has an impact far beyond our campus, into our homes, workplaces, and startups. These influences will shape our ambitions or even our laws. They will eventually affect everyone, spread around the world by multi-university networks built to overcome the limits of extent, time, and location.

Creativity combined with intellectual flexibility makes us become special and be the most successful creatures on the planet. They will continue to be a way for each individual to make his or her own mark in the economy. No matter what field or profession, the most important work that people perform will always be creative work. That's why the education system should teach us how to be creative.

We would like all of teachers and students to read the book.