Digital Selling | Grant Leboff

Dear teachers and students. Today, the Inspire Library, in partnership with the Book Companion Club, would like to introduce Grant Leboff's book "Digital Selling" to teachers and students.

We live in an age of profound change. For many years, the internet, the World Wide Web, and information technology have completely changed the way businesses operate.

"Customers are gradually shifting their buying habits and methods," said Jonathan Quin, managing director of World First. Grant Leboff demonstrates how businesses may stay ahead of the curve and attract more clients by efficiently utilizing social media and websites in this fantastic book." Digital Selling delivers readers a clear picture of the methods, platforms, and tools they'll need to thrive in today's economy. Organizations may measure and enhance the performance of sales and advertising by utilizing electronic sales funnels and analyzing metrics.

With the insights that Digital Selling delivers, companies can make the most of their existing communication channels.

Dear teachers and students, please stay tuned and read!