Fall in love with Loneliness | Kulzsc

Lonely, come here to play!

Since ancient times, people are born inherently alone, if you have companions or not, it’s all okay.

Everyone can make money, take care of themselves, get up after fallings. If I feel sad, I can have fun with my friends, I can go shopping, if I have free time, I can watch a few movies with so many pleasures that I can enjoy myself, so what wrong if I don't have a lover?

If the whole world tells me how happy if I’m in a relationship, I wouldn't hesitate to let the whole world know how lonely and happy I am.

Loneliness or having someone close by, is just a state. Everyone has this time or that time. And if you are lonely, don't worry, because love is always difficult to tell. One day, most likely it will hit your life without reason.

At that point, you will have hundreds of things to solve, worry about your lover getting angry, think about what you should do on the anniversary, what you should have, and wear on a date. confused and extremely worried. But that is the story of the future, and now, you are a very free man. While your friends are busy thinking of ways to comfort their lovers, you can go anywhere, do whatever you like, and listen to whoever you want. Loneliness also has many good points!

So, relax and enjoy the loneliness. Because no one can escape love. So loneliness is also a blessing! “Fall in love with loneliness” is a must-have book from Kulzsc's fresh and youthful perspective on loneliness.

Clearing the definition of loneliness is sadness, “Falling in love with loneliness” is a gift for anyone who is still alone. When you are lonely, you can fully focus on loving yourself, isn't that great?

I just have fallen in love with loneliness! So Lonely, come here to play with me! It's just Lonely, there's nothing to be sad about, right? Cheer up because besides us there is loneliness!