Forming Legislation - The textbook | Prof. Dr Nguyễn Đăng Dung

Most new graduates from legal schools are accepted to work in governmental organizations, social organizations, and even private corporations after earning a bachelor's degree in the field. Their duties involve managing and drafting documents, which call for the understanding of the law. They do this to assist these agencies, organizations, and businesses in finding solutions to challenges at work.

Another urgent need in the current national administration is to raise the standard of document drafting. Because of this, the Textbook of Forming Legislation was created to give students the fundamental knowledge they need to work and address issues that arise when creating documents.

The textbook's content is divided into two sections: Part 1 covers fundamental information about the concept and characteristics of documents in general and those of law in particular, as well as classification techniques, writing style, and general editing skills. The process for creating common legislation, which is covered in Part 2, consists of legal documents, documents used to apply the law, and administrative documents.