Giáo dục tương lai và đổi mới | TS. Nguyễn Chí Hiếu

Education is the most important goal. It is not only about rasing a person but also creating life and standards for society. You can raise a child, but it will be very difficult to create a livable society for everyone. Therefore, at the individual and social level, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu believes that education is the key to the progress, happiness and livability of society.

With “Giáo dục Tương lai và Đổi mới”, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu doesn’t stay silent or talk about great things, he mentions about his perspective in observing how education works in schools, classrooms and whole families.

There are many good signs that education has more attention than before: society has more resources to invest in education, parents also pay more attention to the importance of education and what needs to be done in raising children to keep up with the development of the world. However, on the other side, there are always things we overlook or weaknesses that some people are aware of but others are not due to hasty growth.

“Giáo dục Tương lai và Đổi mới” was written with the hope of providing a perspective on what is “boiling” with education around the world, its breakthrough lessons, “painful” lessons and examples of successful breakthroughs in different school models.