Hạnh phúc tắc đường ở một quãng xa | Hai Mươi

Dear Teachers and Students,

Today, the INSPiRE Library, in collaboration with the Book Club, would like to introduce a new book titled: " Hạnh phúc tắc đường ở một quãng xa" by Hai Muoi.

Every action we take is an adventure. Missed steps and risky steps are common, but so are peaceful and steady steps. We have made progress, and that is what matters.

The book's plot is based on the author's personal experience as well as other lives that have been gathered. In this book, the author speaks about people who were once young, wanted to forget the past and fled from love, and refused a lot of things because they did not find the bliss they were hoping for. We're hoping that reading these tales would calm readers down and make them more aware of the lives that have shaped our present.

Not all of the stories in this book are told by young people themselves, as well as it is not just about the love of youth. These stories offer glimpses into the past, whether it be events that took place yesterday, ten, twenty, or even half a person's lifetime ago.

Hai Muoi, the author, stated, "I believe it's acceptable to have occasional hurt and flaws. Because once something is love, it's difficult to forget, regardless of how much you try to reject it. Instead of running away, learn to accept, learn to make amends, and learn to value what is ours."

Warmly invite you all to read along.