Hướng dẫn chẩn đoán và điều trị một số bệnh ung bướu | Associate Professor Dr. Lương Ngọc Khuê & Prof. Dr Mai Trọng Khoa

Hello teachers and students.

Today, Inspire Library in association with Book Club would like to introduce a book named “Instructions for diagnosis and treatment of some cancers".

All around the world, including in Vietnam, are currently experiencing an increase in the cancer death rate. Therefore, it is vital and extremely necessary to compile expert records on diagnosis and therapy.

Instructions for Diagnosis and Treatment of Some Cancers is the first book in Vietnam to cover every topic, including cancer therapy for both adults and children, medical emergency for some common cancers, and nuclear medicine's use in treating cancer, among other topics.

Despite the short length of each article in the book, each one has sections on pathogenesis, modality, specific diagnostic abilities, and treatment strategies. This book should be useful to you if you work in oncology, nuclear medicine, or a similar field.

Warmly invite you all to read along.