I belive i can fly | Đức Phúc

This autobiography is about the childhood, adolescence of Duc Phuc and the big milestone in his life. That was when he won The Voice of Vietnam, he was criticized by the public about his appearance, so he decided to weight loss, cosmetic surgery to have a better look, so that his singing career had many succesful achievements.

I Believe I Can Fly is a portrait of an innocent, pure, optimistic and always happy to pursuit passion of singing, ready to overcome all difficulties and always keep faith in himself to achieve success. It is also a Duc Phuc from shy, timid to more confident; from a Duc Phuc with a not-good-body to a "hot boy", "male god" as netizens conferred.

Duc Phuc always believes that: "The plane can take us from one city to another, but the wings of faith-passion can take us to every dream", and only the singing truly touch the hearts of people - is the true power of a true singer. Only the singing will follow Phuc for a long time and will keep Phuc's image in the audience.