Live without regrets - 20 years of love | Ken Honda

Dear teachers and students. Today, the Inspire Library, in partnership with the Book Companion Club, would like to introduce Ken Honda’s book “Live without regrets - 20 years of love” to teachers and students.

Why isn't your love story flawless? What is the best course of action for resolving the issue? What are the obstacles to your romantic feelings? God has given us a wonderful gift in the form of love. Your life changes dramatically when you love and are loved. Consider how love enriches and enhances our lives. You will not have any regrets afterwards, whether it ends in one-sided love or pain as a result of a broken heart.

The book encompasses not only a man's and a woman's love, but also the meaning of marriage and the significance of a companion we share throughout our lives. The author hopes to provide readers with unique perspectives so that, in the future, when we reflect on our youth, we can smile pleasantly when thinking about love and be happy that "my twenties were so beautiful."

Dear teachers and students, please stay tuned and read!