Motivation and Performance – A guide to motivating a diverse workforce| Adrian Furnham & Ian Macrae

Whether motivation affects each person's decision to take action. Motivation is the difference between a passive state where one only considers what has to be done and an active state where one really takes action. When being motivated, it's easier for anyone to achieve excellence.

The study of productivity and motivation enables us to better understand how to inspire employees, increase business productivity and revenues, and improve the workplace environment. Leaders who are aware of developments and eager to make improvements will give the business a significant competitive advantage.

The workplace is not a two-side’s battleground, but the company's achievements and the psychological health of employees. It is not necessary to sacrifice health and happiness for productivity and profit. Employees who are highly motivated and fully engaged with the company are definitely more productive, more creative, and more dedicated to the company. The best workplace will create a wide company culture and stimulate environment that fosters the employees’ potential and willingness to dedicate to the company.

"Motivation and Performance - A guide to motivating a diverse workforce" was written by authors Adrian Furnham and Ian MacRae in a style that is appealing, inspiring, and, most importantly, practical. There are several parts of the book that are very applicable to your work if you manage and inspire others.