Nghệ thuật tối giản | Dominique Loreau

Have you ever thought about what you own and wondered how much of it is superfluous or unnecessary? If you have to get rid of them, how will you feel?

Born and raised in Western society but imbued with Eastern philosophy, author Dominiquue Loreau will guide you step by step towards a life of furniture minimalism, gentle lifestyle and peace of mind. Free yourself from things you don’t want or need. Eat healthy and take care of your health. Change your lifestyle and adjust your relationships. You will stay away from all physical nuisances and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

The book “Nghệ thuật tối giản” collects notes, preserves, and synthesizes surprises and experiences of author Dominique Loreau. This book contains advice and practical exercises that help us adapt to new challenges, changing needs, abilities and situations; and have the right understanding about minimalism.

For anyone looking for a simpler and better life in mind, and in body,this book is an aid to discover the great potential that nature gives to all of us.