Những màu cánh Thiên Thần | Trương Thanh Thuỳ

The white winged angel has the mission to keep people's smiles and joy, the purple winged angel has the mission to keep people's passion and happiness, the black winged angel has the mission to keep faith and will power for people. Chinh Lam, Tung and Pham will be the elder angels who must shoulder that great task. They are chosen angels.

On the battlefield with devil’s corpses lying about in disorder and in the way, the angels also dyed their wings red. But the devils are getting more and more crowded, and the angels are getting more and more tired. The evening has set in, the sunlight was like blood spilled on the death scene; the screaming, the growling still rocked out the sky. Those who deserved to witness the war told their children and grandchildren later that it was the fiercest, most intense, most terrifying battlefield...

“Những màu cánh Thiên Thần” is a story about the battle between angels and devils, between good and bad in the hearts of people. The novel has an open ending, and towards the righteous belief even though the battle is still there and may be long: “Surely the four of them have to do a lot of work. That’s a long story. But today ends here temporarily, when the bloody war is backward and the peaceful silvery moonlight is covering the world to protect the dreams of humans and angels.”