Nói sao cho đúng cho hay | James Borg

Studying two majors in psychology and economics, James Borg was particularly interested in researching the relationship between mind and body. From there, he started researching therapies for the brain and achieved achievements that contribute to changing our way of thinking, our behavior in a better way. James Borg truly understands the idea: Words are free, and how valuable they are is up to you!

In the "journey" through Talkability: Discover the secrets of effective conversation, James Borg has the opportunity to discover the power of words; lead you through countless communication pitfalls; helps you to adjust the tone and content of conversations to suit not only the family atmosphere but also environments that require high professional communication skills.

Surely by the end of the journey, you will feel extremely satisfied knowing that your communication skills have improved dramatically, and the results you reap from this improvement will of course satisfy you.