One decision - Kĩ năng quyết định sáng suốt | Mike Bayer

Who are you? Can you answer this question? If you don't have the answer yet, you're probably living an inauthentic life. True living is when you accept yourself and stop worrying about other people's judgments or about what the outcome will be when you ignore "the world's tongue". You know your true self.

When you decide to read this skill book, you are making a decision – to be authentic, to be yourself. When you decide to stay true to who you are, you will succeed. You succeed whenever you take on a new challenge or decide to take a new direction. Even if you re-create all or part of your life, and thus begin to see more opportunities. You can use this book as a tool to lift yourself out of a state that's holding you back, or as a motivating push to take risks, gain courage, and listen to your intuition.

“One Decision” is a wake-up call to your soul. It gives you a blueprint for how to make decisions that bring you joy and peace. Decisions also help you discover the freedom that comes from letting go and stopping self-doubt. In fact, a better life never falls from the sky. This book will help you make a decision to live authentically, to be yourself, so you can have a fulfilling life.