Powerful people skills | Heather Hansen

"Powerful people skills" is the first book of author Heather. The book presents an effective approach to communication, which comes from the perspective that learning is a lifelong affair; from the belief that "always being yourself" is the best start to build up interpersonal skills; and from the commitment to help individual people maximize their own ability.

Heather fervently believes that learning should be comfortable, practical, and accessible to everyone. The author's obvious and to-the-point writing style which reflects her demeanor has made her such a sought-after speaker and a skilled advisor. Most of the types of skills and methods covered in this book may be familiar to you. Since we all know that we should listen to others actively, talk to others respectfully, and cherish our relationships. However, when we put these communication skills into practice, we may not always do what we know we should do. Sometimes, for example, due to losing emotional control, it's hard for us to keep our words, and may take actions that hurt others.