Puberty | Vũ Đức Sao Biển

As a human being, everyone is beautiful, including those who have suffered from some birth defects on the body or defects due to accident. Remember these defects cannot take off the beauty that people are owning. The essence of beauty must be harmony. Self-confidence, knowledge, humility and a decent appearance make a person beautiful. Don't just focus on your appearance but having inferiority complex.

Yes, puberty is like that. It is the most important stage in our lives because it transforms little boys and girls into adults. This biological process changes the human body during puberty, maybe a year, maybe a few years. Of course, after puberty, our bodies still continue to adjust itself to develop more, but the most important changes in biological processes still occur only at this stage.

You have become a boy, a girl in the right way. Hello, beautiful and wonderful puberty season! This is the highest peak of the full moon age. From here, your future path is wide open. You will live with passion and the infinite possibilities gradually open so you can touch this sparkling life. How valuable it is to be a person!