Sẽ qua đừng khóc | Hai Mươi

Hello teachers and students. Today, Inspire Library in association with Book Club would like to introduce a book named "Sẽ qua, đừng khóc!" by author Hai Mươi.

“Sẽ qua, đừng khóc!” is about different perspectives from one life to another, talks more about choices that force people to trade, and reminds the skills to deal with everyday problems. As a word of encouragement, that everything will be okay, that life certainly always has many choices, many perspectives enough for happiness to exist. There are no tears. The important thing is whether you are determined enough to see and satisfied with reality to embrace and live a life worth living.

“Sẽ qua, đừng khóc!” includes 12 topics - 12 stories about young people in reality and 60 questions that need answers. Let’s pay attention to the first half and the second half of the book, the half of one life and the other half, and the questions. Let’s read and feel from the stories of the characters. They don’t often cry. They always overcome, answer, choose, accept and so on. The calmness behind their turbulence, mine, and someone else's will be an outlet for the same pains that surround us every day.

Hopefully when closing the book, you will always have the courage to remind yourself at least twenty times in face of difficulties, just one thing: All difficulties will go away, don't cry!

We would like all of teachers and students to read the book.