Spenditude: A life-changing Attitude to Money | Paul Gordon & Janine Robertson

Lady and Gentlemen.

Today, the INSPiRE Library, in collaboration with the Book Companion Club, would like to introduce to you a book entitled: "Spenditude: A life-changing Attitude to Money " by Paul Gordon & Janine Robertson.

Have you ever noticed that when you're about to delete an app on your phone, the other apps start to shake as well? Now imagine those apps as aspects of your life. When you do not strictly control over one part of your life, other parts will be unsteady as well.

The purpose of the book “Spenditude: A life-changing Attitude to Money” is to help you strengthen and stabilize the "application" of finance, from which other "applications" such as health, career, or relationships will also positively change. However, each person has different views on “stable finance”. According to the authors Janine Robertson and Paul Gordon, what you should pursue is not "how much money I have," but rather a sense of awareness in every decision regarding money and the peaceful soul on your financial condition. As long as you manage your money carefully, you will be more successful than those who have a big account balance but spend carelessly and lack confidence in their financial situation.

This book will explain how to live a pleasant life on a budget and teaching you how to create a long-term plan that will give you the financial freedom you desire.

Welcome all teachers and students to come and read together!