Strengths-based recruitment and development | Sally Bibb

Lady and Gentlemen.

Today, the INSPiRE Library, in collaboration with the Book Club, would like to introduce to you a book entitled: "Strengths-based recruitment and development" by Sally Bibb.

All around the world, there are great deal of people who go to work without happiness day after day. Several people always want to do something special that makes them more fulfilled in order to enjoy their life. However, some people feel miserable because they were stuck in a vicious cycle. They wonder why they were stuck in this boring job. While the others regret that they never received the instruction, the shareing or the encouragement so that they can look for a more suitable job.

To live vivid life, we have to do the things that we are passionate about. Otherwise, we will spend the whole day just waiting for the end of a working day. We may feel every working day like a burden in our lives, therefore, only we just feel free and comfortable at the weekend.

“Strengths-based recruitment and development” will inspire you to think about doing what you love and choosing right peopl. Human resources management through forte-based can completely change recruitment and performance in an organization. If you want to significantly improve your organization's performance and employee morale, Strengths-based recruitment and development is a fantastic book for you.

Welcome all teachers and students to come and read together!