Tạm biệt Alzheimer | Dale Bredesen

“We lead our lives sitting at computers, sitting in class, sitting in movies, sitting in our cars, sitting in meetings, sitting on the sofa watching television or playing games on our phones. We are sitting ourselves to death!” This is how resident physician, neurologist, clinical researcher Dale Bredesen (author of this book) consider the effects of “modern lifestyle” on mental health in particular and overall health in general.

Through the book, Dr. Dale Bredesen wants readers to understand the "nature" as well as the way to reverse the process of dementia - the obstinacy of a disease (currently there is no effective treatment) – and the evolution of this disease around the world.

The book “Tạm biệt Alzheimer” is not only useful for professionals, patients (who are directly affected by the disease) and their families but also for readers in general, those who are high-risk patients and are affected by modern lifestyle per day.